Until Something Gives

DirtyDeesProd presents catherine foxx, mj

Every once in a while, Catherine decides to take on a tickling challenge just to test the limits of her ability to withstand being tickled. It seemed only fitting that we test those limits at Tickle Abuse on the dreaded rack. MJ was happy to provide her services as tickler for the afternoon. I think I may see a spark of sadism igniting within her ;) Her instructions were to tickle Catherine "until something gives". Minute after minute Catherine proceeds to laugh at every poke and prod MJ subjects her to with no pleas of mercy in site. Even when her laughter changes in tone displaying her agony she still refuses to submit to MJ's tickling. Her feet are brushed and raked with long fingernails just as her knees and inner thighs are kneaded methodically. MJ is sure to focus on her hips and ribs as well as her armpits while the minutes pass offering Catherine no relief. After a prolonged struggle the first thing to give on Catherine just happens to be her bladder. Perhaps this tough cookie shouldn't have had so much to drink before the shoot! Tired, sweaty and laying in her own pee, Catherine is teased and chastised by MJ for peeing her pants like a . The punishment for making a mess while in bondage? Well, do you really have to ask? Catherine won't get to stop laughing just for a little clean up.