Borrowers Fee

DirtyDeesProd presents Rachel, unknown

Rachel is fed up with her niece taking all of her shoes to go out to the club at night' Being a respectable businesswoman, it is important that her heels remain untarnished by outdoor wear and tear to make a good impression at the office' She is also a little jealous of this flippant young thing acting like she is a diva in shoes she never paid for! Today she plans to call her out on this juvenile behavior to strike a more agreeable arrangement' Rachel's feet are always so tired at the end of a long day so before her niece can partake of her wardrobe she will have to service her aching soles' Not just any lip service will do' Rachel wants a thorough tongue bath for her trouble so she can have the type of warm, deep tissue massage she has been yearning for' A young hottie tending to her every toe certainly beats paying the exorbitant price of a spa' Wouldn't you think it a fair trade to spend some time with her rhythmically wiggling toes to be able to keep up with the latest fashion? Sounds like a win-win situation!