Silken Screams

DirtyDeesProd presents Helena, unknown

Helena is strapped down for the night with a vicious tickler eyeing her silken undergarment' The perfect surface to run your nails across as you tease every ticklish weakness a girl like Helena has to offer' She only agreed to be tied up again tonight because she was promised an orgasm that would make her eyes roll back as she came' If only she was told how much tickling would accompany her good vibrations' Laughing helplessly, Helena begs for the vibrator as her feet face the ticklish agony only soles as sensitive as hers could be subjected to' Slowly her nightgown is slipped up over her supple tits to reveal a pair of deliciously ticklish nipples aching for attention' Stiffening under the ticklish torment, Helena laughs even harder as her breasts are tickled in equal measure before her armpits become the next exposed target to endure this sadistic game' Her orgasm provides no relief as each tickle thereafter is intensified until Helena is screaming for mercy between cries of ticklish laughter.