Hotter Yoga With Toes

DirtyDeesProd presents Sasha, mj

Sasha took MJ to a new workout class this week and it proved to be quite challenging for her' She immediately collapsed on the couch when they got home and was ready to pass out if only Sasha didn't have her feet so tantalizingly close' She loves Sasha's cute toes' Her feet always smell so wonderful even after a long day at the gym' Sniffing at the heavenly aroma as she closes her eyes, MJ begins to drift off to rest' Sasha watches her friend closely and asks if she would give her a foot rub after their long workout' MJ is too tired to comply until Sasha sweetens the deal by offering up her soles for a more intimate experience if she promises to do a good job' Intrigued, MJ begins to strip Sasha's socks' As MJ gazes at her adorable toes wiggling slowly back and forth she begins to lick her arch from heel to toe' Sasha gasps slightly as the first touch graces her bare foot' MJ's mouth quickly follows up with more kisses and long licks between her toes before nibbling at the ball of Sasha's foot' Lying back in her sleek black yoga pants, Sasha enjoys every second of pampering as she lets MJ indulge in her little foot fixation for the rest of the afternoon.