Hard Work Soft Soles

DirtyDeesProd presents unknown, April

April has been mowing her neighbor's lawn for the past few months' Recently, she noticed that she hasn't been getting paid and decided to set up a meeting to discuss the issue' She arrives to find a cup of fresh lemonade greeting her as Ms. Foxx instructs April to take a seat and get comfortable' She even prompts April to put her feet up to help her relax' As April begins to explain the problem she finds Ms. Foxx is more and more distracted by April's feet which are now sitting in her neighbor's lap' She then begins to remove April's shoes, offering the young girl a foot massage for all the hard work she does around the yard' Not wanting to appear disagreeable, April accepts the offer hoping Ms. Foxx will hear her out' She discovers that this only promotes further comments about how soft and cute April's feet are' Not sure how to handle this situation, April is taken by surprise when her neighbor begins to lick between her little toes' As a wave of pleasure washes over April, she is at a loss for words as Ms. Foxx continues lapping at the wrinkles of her soles' Overtaken by this new sensation, April decides it may be worth extending her relationship with Ms. Foxx' An afternoon of having her feet worshiped sure beats a few hours mowing the lawn' Besides, there may be a raise involved in letting Ms. Foxx indulge in her foot fixation.