Work Before Pleasure

DirtyDeesProd presents Toby Springs, regan lush

Regan is rushing to get her work done for her boss Toby but she is horny and totally distracted thinking of what she is going to do after work. She has plans to go out and Toby knows the office slut will not finish her work properly if at all. He has had enough of his slacker employee and takes it upon himself to give her what she really needs so that she can focus.He captures her, binds her wrists and ankles and has her naked on the couch in the employee lounge. She wakes and can't believe what is happening to her. He fondles her, grabs her throat and tells her he is finally going to teach her a lesson. He plays with her pussy and puts his hand over her mouth when she objects. She is too horny to resist for long and although she is there against her will she soon gives in to the pleasure and surrenders her pussy to him.