Naomi Remote Controlled

DirtyDeesProd presents unknown, Naomi Swann

Naomi is a sexy little secretary that wants a raise. Naomi asks her boss if she could get some extra money on her check but he wants something extra from her. Naomi is completely insulted and begins to start to yell. All of a sudden Naomi's boss pulls out a remote and hits pause. Naomi is immediately frozen. Naomi's boss has found a mind control remote and explains to Naomi as she is frozen he can speak into his remote and after he hits play she will do whatever he says involuntarily. Naomi's boss asks her to strip and Naomi lie a robot does his bidding. Naomi follows every demand that her boss tells to the remote. Naomi's boss wants to push Naomi to her limits and finally speaks into the remote for Naomi to cum. Naomi is handed a vibrator and he orders her to vibe her self to his instruction until she has a forced orgasm'