Punk Rock Star Aiden Foot worship

DirtyDeesProd presents Sophia, Aiden

Aiden has invited her groupie Sophia to hang out with her after her show. Sophia is absolutely star stuck that she is hanging out with The Aiden Ashley after show. Aiden tells Sophia that she did not just invite her over to hang out she is going to have to do some things for her. Sophia will do anything for her idol and agrees. Aiden explains to Sophia after a ling show her her feet are sweaty and tired and will need to be worshipped. Sophia grabs Aidens boots and takes a whiff. Aidens boots are smelly but Sophia loves it. Sophia then takes Aidens nylon sweaty pantyhose feet and worship them to Aiden delight. Aiden takes off her pantyhose so Sophia can really get a tongue massage on her bare feet. Sophia does such a good job Aiden invites her to next show for some fun